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Friday, November 14, 2014

Betty Boop - So Does An Automobile

Max Fleischer - Time On My Hands Featuring Betty Boop

Betty Boop - Red Hot Mamma

Betty Boop - Pudgy And The Lost Kitten

Max Fleischner - Hawaiian Birds1936

Felix The Cat - Dopes It Out

Chinatown - My Chinatown

Tom & Jerry - Tight Rope Tricks

Betty Boop - A Little Soap And Water

Popeye the Sailor - Scrap the Japs

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit - A Day at the Zoo

Twinkletoes - Hat Stuff

Tom & Jerry - Wot A Night

Oswald The Lucky Rabbit - Oils Well

Betty Boop - Pudgy The Watchman 1938

Felix The Cat - Oceantics

Popeye The Sailor - Sock A Bye Baby

Popeye The Sailor - Happy Birthdaze

MaxFleischer - Just A Gigolo Screen Songs Featuring Betty Boop

Japanese Cartoon 1936

Betty Boop - The Hot Air Salesman

Betty Boop - I´ll Be Glad When You´re Dead You Rascal You

Bonnie Poe - Performs A Betty Boop Song Live

Margie Hines - Performs A Betty Boop Song Live

Betty Boop- Be Up To Date

Betty Boop with Henry - The Funniest Living American

Betty Boop - You’re Not Built That Way

BettyBoop - I Heard

Betty Boop - Admission Free

Betty Boop - Pudgy In The Swing School

Betty Boop - Judge For A Day

Betty Boop - A Language All My Own

Betty Boop - Buzzy Boop

Betty Boop - Any Little Girl That´s A Nice Little Girl

Betty Boop - A Hunting We Will Go

BettyBoop - Ha! Ha! Ha!

Betty Boop - Baby Be Good

Betty Boop - Silly Scandals

Betty Boop - Kitty From Kansas City

Betty Boop - Mask A Raid

Betty Boop - Whoops Im a Cowboy

Betty Boop - The Foxy Hunter

Betty Boop - The Bum Bandit

Betty Boop - Out Of The Ink Well

Betty Boop - The Impractical Joker

Betty Boop - House Cleaning Blues

Betty Boop - Not Now

Betty Boop - Happy You And Merry Me

Betty Boop - Betty Boop And The Little King

Betty Boop - Be Human

Betty Boop - Swat The Fly

Betty Boop - Stop That Noise

Betty Boop - Making Stars

Betty Boop - Betty Boop And Grampy

Thursday, November 13, 2014

San Francisco - Earthquake Aftermath 1906

San Francisco - Earthquake Aftermath 1906

Betty Boop - She Wronged Him Right

Betty Boop - Keep In Style

Betty Boop - Betty Boop´s Rise To Fame

Betty Boop - Snow White (Cab Calloway)

Betty Boop - Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers

Betty Boop - The Old Man Of The Mountain

Betty Boop - Mother Goose Land

The Flintstones - Flintstones Vitamins

The Flintstones - Vintage60sTvCommercials Flintstones WinstonCig

The Jetsons - Promo Jetsons ABC TV 1963

Betty Boop - The Betty Boop Limited

Betty Boop - Stopping The Show

Betty Boop - S.o.s

Betty Boop - Popeye The Sailor

Betty Boop - Crazy Inventions

Betty Boop - Boop-oop-a-doop

Betty Boop - Bimbo In The Robot

Betty Boop - Betty Boop´s Museum

Bosko - Bosko The Doughboy

Bosko - Big Man From The North

Mr Hook - The Return Of Mr Hook

Mr Hook - The Good Egg

Mr Hook - Tokyo Woes

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Betty Boop - Minding The Baby

Betty Boop - Jack And The Beanstalk

Betty Boop - Dizzy Red Riding Hood

Betty Boop - Crazy Town

Betty Boop - Bimbo´s Initiation

Betty Boop - Bimbo´s Express

Betty Boop - Sweetheart (Ethel Merman)

Betty Boop - Mysterious Mose

Betty Boop - Dizzy Dishes

Betty Boop - Barnacle Bill

Betty Boop - Betty Boop´s Birthday Party

Betty Boop - Betty Boop´s Big Boss

Betty Boop - You Try Somebody Else (Ethel Merman)

BettyBoop - When My Ship Comes In

BettyBoop - The Dancing Fool

Betty Boop - The Candid Candidate

Betty Boop - Ker-Choo

Betty Boop - More Pep

Betty Boop - A Song a Day

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Betty Boop - Presents Popeye The Sailor 1933

Popeye The Sailor - Poopdeck Pappy1951

Popeye The Sailor -Crystal Brawl

Popeye The Sailor - Spooky Swabs

Popeye - PatrioticPopeye

Popeye The Sailor - Big Bad Sinbad

Betty Boop - Poor Cinderella 1934

Betty Boop - Chess Nuts

Betty Boop - Swat The Fly

Betty Boop - Bamboo Isle

Betty Boop - Is My Palm Read 1932

Betty Boop - Musical Mountaineers

Betty Boop - Musical Mountaineers

Betty Boop - Crazy Inventions 1933

Betty Boop and Little Jimmy - 1936

Betty Boop - Minnie The Moocher

Gertie The Dinosaur - 1914

Ösmo: First Snow - 2014

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Charlie Chaplin - Between Showers

Tom & Jerry - The Tuba Tooter

Tom & Jerry - Redskin Blues

Tom & Jerry - Plane Dumb

Tom & Jerry - Piano Tooners

Tom & Jerry - Pencil Mania

Tom & Jerry - Jolly Fish

Tom & Jerry - Barnyard Bunk

Tom & Jerry - A Spanish Twist

Popeye The Sailor - Taxi Turvy

Popeye The Sailor - Spree Lunch

Popeye The Sailor - Parlez Vous Woo

Popeye The Sailor - Shuteye Popeye

Popeye The Sailor - Out to Punch

Popeye The Sailor - Nearly Weds

Popeye The Sailor - Let´s Sing with Popeye

Popeye The Sailor - Insect to Injury

Popeye The Sailor - I Don´t Scare

Popeye The Sailor - Greek Mirthology

Popeye The Sailro - Gopher Spinach

Popeye The Sailro - Gopher Spinach

Popeye The Sailor - Fright to the Finish

Popeye The Sailor - For President

Popeye The Sailor - Floor Flusher

Popeye The Sailor - Customers Wanted

Popeye The Sailor - Cookin with Gags

Popeye The Sailor - Bride and Gloom

Popeye The Sailor - Assault and Flattery

Popeye The Sailor - Ancient Fistory

Popeye The Sailor - A Haul in One

Betty Boop - My Friend the Monkey

Betty Boop - On with the New

Betty Boop - Pudgy Takes a Bow Wow

Betty Boop - Rhythm on the Reservation

Elmore James - Strange Angels

Elmore James - Shake Your Moneymaker

Elmore James - My Kind Of Woman

Elmore James - Knocking At Your Door

Elmore James - I See My Baby

Elmore James - I Can´t Stop Loving You